Optimize your website with Webperformance X-ray

Webperformance X-ray is a web testing and optimization service that analyzes your website and identifies the specific problems that makes it slow.

About Webperformance X-ray

Your website needs to lose weight!

golden rule says that 80% of all optimization happens in the front-end

Optimizing the performance of your website has never been easier. With Deloitte's Webperformance X-ray service, you now have the opportunity to speed up your response times on your website. Webperformance X-ray shows where you can optimize the website performance, and will give you practical solutions on how to do it.

YSlow/PageSpeed vs. Webperformance X-ray

YSlow og PageSpeed are browser plugins which are able to scan a URL and present performance problems, with concrete solutions.

Webperformance X-ray use the same principle but is more detailed and comprehensive. See the table below that compare the three tools against each other.

YSlow plugin PageSpeed plugin Webperformance X-ray
Number of performance checks 23 30 400+
Mobile specific performance checks No No Yes
Scope 1 URL 1 URL Entire website
Administrations module No No Yes, with several user accounts
PDF reports No No Yes
Comparison of scans No No Yes
Automatic compression of JavaScript-, CSS- og image-files No No Yes
API Yes Yes Yes
Support No No Yes

Webperformance X-ray is your guarantee for faster websites

Webperformance X-ray helps you to organizing your optimizations from most impactful and least difficult, to least impactful and most difficult. Implement the easy optimizations first and be faster tomorrow.

Development of a new website?

If you do not test early, often and holistically, there will inevitably be performance problems and these problems will increase and get more critical. Solving the problems late in the process is both expensive, resource- and time consuming. Webperformance X-ray can help simplify this process.